If you’re wondering where the hell you are or how you got here, you’re on EspressYourself.coffee. An online daily journal, dedicated to progress, empowerment and the pursuit of happiness. It’s going to take a lot of hard work, creativity and coffee, but with time, this world will be a better place, and we’ll be better people.

Espress Yourself was built by baristas, who dedicate this site to exercise our right to express ourselves, hence the name—Espress Yourself. (Get it? Espress with an s, like espresso…?) We believe our power to create enables us to change the world. The only way to rise above corruptive, destructive forces is with creative, constructive voices, published right here, on EspressYourself.coffee.

Educate yourself. Inspire yourself. #EspressYourself

Meet the family

D-Money (D$) / Dakota Snow — Artist, writer, philosopher, barista, and the mother of EspressYourself—brought this website into the world, kicking, shitting and screaming, in the fall of 2015. Barista by day, warrior by night, she fights social injustice, armed with nothing but her wisdom and her words, empowering the masses to be the change we need to see in the world. email: Info@EspressYourself.Coffee

MC Squared / Sequoia Snow — Inventor. Genius. Rebel. Architecht of this website. Little brother. Total badass. A gentleman and a baller. Need some technical assistance? Holla: Sequoia@EspressYourself.Coffee

Wagz Kahlifa ($wagz) / Sarah Wagner — Fairy godmother of E.Y.—hosts our original Psych Sundays series (coming soon). She graduated Snogwarts School of Bitchcraft and Whizzardry in 2014 with a BS in Smuggle Studies, and is now pursuing her Master’s at the Troll Academy. email: Sarah@EspressYourself.Coffee

Radhikadabra / Radhika Kaushal — Partner in witchcraft. Sidekick behind the counter and behind the scenes of Wicked Wednesday. Radhikadabra and I can typically be found brewing new potions together and serving them to unsuspecting customers at Summit Coffee. insta: radhikakausal91

$cout / Samantha Mitchell — Rad tech. Coffee slinger. Zombie Slayer. Contributor of pictures, stories and experiences. A savage and an artist at everything she does, coffee included. Trained by the best. Whenever $cout’s behind the counter, you can rest assured that justice will be served.

Princess FlyAnna / Anna Kachelries — Barista. Visual & Musical Artist. Feminist. Animal lover. Weapon of choice—paint brush, pencil, pen and voice. On the clock, Anna can be found behind the counter, dutifully caffeinating Redwood City. Off the clock, Anna spends her free time espressing herself, right here on this website. email: annakachelries@gmail.com insta: @annafaith___

AdRihanna / Adriana Garcia-Ayala — Makeup Artist / Addict. Believer in natural beauty. Makeup is Adriana’s medium of self-espression, featured right here on E.Y.’s Talk-Beauty-to-me Tuesday. #AddictionswithAdie email: agarciaayala15@outlook.com insta: @adie_ayala

Slim Tato / Potato — Any technical malfunctions, typos or editing failures can be credited to Potato. It’s so weird, every time Dakota sits down to write / create / produce something, it emerges perfect and flawless, in its rawest form, but by the time it reaches the website, it’s riddled with dyslexia and errors. For a long time, nobody knew why. Dakota would kick and scream and cry about how someone just keeps coming in here and unediting and misspelling all her final drafts, until one day she came home and caught her cat Potato in the act, red-pawed, on her computer, corrupting her google drive. She was outraged at first, until she realized the world isn’t ready for her perfect flawlessness, which is how Potato earned his place on the editing team, as the imperfectifier.