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Every Wednesday, Espress Yourself hosts its very own original webshow Wicked Wednesday, hosted by Professors Snow and Wagner. Each week we rotate through different classes in no particular order. Stay tuned… coming soon.

Magic Trick

Sometimes, even I, the “writer” cannot find the words to tell you what I want to say, or where the hell I’ve been. Which is why I’m borrowing these words from other people. Because if I can’t find the words to say it, chances are somebody already wrote a song about it. And they did. Or something like it, anyway. If one of the following songs sounds like it has nothing to do with you, it probably doesn’t. And if it sounds like it was meant specifically for you, it probably was. Have fun interpreting which of these cryptic lyrical messages are for you, and which are not.

And to my extended family at Summit Coffee, who I left without saying goodbye, just know I love you. I love the family I worked for, the customers I served, the friends I made, the team I worked with, and I’m right here guys, only one click away. I won’t stray too far, don’t worry.

But now that I’m gone fishing and all that’s left for you to do is stalk me and wish I was the one who made your coffee, here’s a bunch of stuff I bet you didn’t know about me: I don’t just make coffee. I also sing. And I do magic. Well, I do one trick, and that’s it. Here it is:

And s’more

Potions – How to Brew Indian Chai

The word ‘chai’ is used so liberally nowadays it’s lost almost all meaning. Starbucks is, no doubt, responsible for this. But we’re here today to demystify the ‘chai.’ Find out how to brew real, traditional Indian Chai in today’s potion’s class, the pilot episode of Wicked Wednesday, brought to you Professors Radhika-dabra and D-$.

Watch our step-by-step demonstration of how to brew your own Indian Chai at home, loose leaf, on the stove, as served at Summit Coffee (where we work). Note, this is a demonstration of the method traditionally used to brew Indian Chai, however, the exact ratios of spices and recipes may vary, depending who’s brewing. Customize your chai as you see fit.

Now that you’ve seen how to brew Indian Chai in my garage, find out how it’s done by a real Indian potions master in the streets of New Delhi, India.