Got something you’re dying to espress? Shoot it our direction. If we like what we see and we think it’s fitting for the site, we’ll accept, as long as it’s original. If published, you will be credited, but you will not be paid. I know this website’s awesome, but it’s also free, so we don’t make any money. I know it sucks—you’re telling me. But if you still think it’s worth it for the exposure, and the privilege of being featured on such a dandy site, and the sheer love of doing what you do, then by all means, submit!

Just email the empress of Espress Yourself, Dakota Snow, at Write “EspressYourself Submission” in the subject line and be sure to include your full name in the body of your email. Pitch us an idea for a story, song, poem, article, illustration or photo feature, and we’ll let you know what we think.