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We All Just People

Espress Yourself is the child of two of my favorite things—freedom of self-expression, and coffee, obviously. Advocating self-expression as I do, I consider it my civic duty to impart the wisdom of the people in my life upon you, my faithful reader. Today’s words espressed by a local musical artist and cappuccino-drinker, Michael Vargo:

“Hello my friends. I know some of you are pro gun and some of you are anti gun. I think we are all pro coffee. But even then, tea is OK too.

The belief I have is that you all have points of view that come from your personal experience. And that you feel strongly about them shows how much you care. Let’s all make that assumption about the other “side”. They are not villains and we are not saints. We all just people.”

Michael Vargo – Thursday, 3 December 2015

Michael Vargo
Michael Vargo – Picture stolen from his Facebook profile

As a devoted cappuccino drinker, Vargo’s radical inclusiveness of tea, despite clearly favoring coffee, sets an empowering example to us all—to set aside our differences and respectfully agree to disagree.

That said, we’re all entitled to espress our opinions, and as Vargo mentioned earlier, we all have our opinions about guns, and I have mine, musically espressed in the video below. And I have Foster the People to thank for these words, and Haley Snyder to thank for these harmonies:

PS. It was actually that dark.