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The Real Peel

The wasteful-food-packaging nazi I am, I consider it my responsibility to report on this atrocity. Whole Foods, famous for their mission and commitment to sustainability, have failed us, disgustingly. Their crime: Peeling oranges, just to repackage them in plastic boxes.

The grossness of this offense comes second only to the 2012 social media meltdown of German grocer Billa, who went so far as to pre-peel bananas and rewrap their delicate, browning, exposed interiors inside of cellophane-sealed styrofoam trays, meatslab style.

But the silver lining on these tragedies is how they were received by social media. The public put these companies on blast. Fast. The action taken to correct the crime was as immediate, in both cases, as the outrage spreading virally online. So rest assured, any future packaging catastrophes will be promptly put to rest, and justice will be served, in the timeless form of public humiliation, so long as we have social media.

Talented Makeup Addict Radiates Confidence and Natural Beauty

“Makeup or no makeup, people will always give you more likes for your self confidence.” -Adriana Garcia 11/16/15

#AddictionswithAdie instagram @adie_ayala
#AddictionswithAdie instagram @adie_ayala

“I don’t consider myself an artist. I feel like I’m just another addict like everyone else, and I just want to share the excitement and love I have for makeup.

It’s like portal I use to get away sort of like therapy just having the choice of all the colors, textures, techniques, finishes, mixtures, blends, styles, looks, etc.—it’s endless.

I love how it’s always multifunctional like if it’s a lipstick it doesn’t mean it’s only for lips. I can use it as a blush or a base for an eyeshadow. If I make an error, there’s always a way to correct it.

And at the end of the day, it’s not permanent. So there’s no commitment.”

-Adriana Garcia-Ayala 11/16/15

Ultimately, Adriana believes the bottom line is there are no real rules, and comfort is all you need to radiate confidence.

#AddictionswithAdie instagram @adie_ayala